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Electrical Safety Inspection

Raleigh Licensed Electrician Electrical safety Inspection

If you have concerns about your homes electrical system do not hesitate to call us, catching potential problems before they fail can prevent damage to your house or yourselves. Our trained Electricians have gone through our safety inspection course so they can better identify potential problems to ensure your house is safe for your family. 

Arc Electric strives to create a better, and safer environment for your family, which is why with every service call our technicians will provide a FREE home safety inspection. We do offer just the electrical inspection with no other services for $129.
With new load demands of modern day electronics and appliances older homes' electrical panels cannot safely provide the required power demand and we often find older burns and signs of arcing in older panels that need to be changed out to a new panel with new new breakers that meet today's code standards. Let us know if you are interested in a Panel upgrade or simply a Panel change.
Here are a few pictures of issues we have found in the past that if left unchecked could have caused serious damage or injury.
Melted electrical panel - prevent fires with Cary electrical troubleshooting!
sparking outlet - your Holly Springs electrician can find and fix these problems
Burnt electrical panel - Apex breaker panel upgrade BEFORE this happens
Burning breaker - your Raleigh service electrician will provide safety inspections BEFORE this happpens
Please ask your Arc Electric technician about AFCI breakers which could prevent fires! Here is a quick video demonstrating the benefits of AFCI's from ESFi.org